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DECO contracting perform servicing and maintenance to all brands and types of air conditioning units, from smaller split type air conditioning systems to larger packaged ducted type air conditioning units.

DECO maintain central plant systems consisting of chilled water and heating water central plant systems, complete with mechanical services to pumps, air handling units and air filtration systems.

We can offer fire protection services and essential services inspections to mechanical services plant and equipment to the building industry, complete with a comprehensive water protection service for the protection against legionella program to heating and chilled water systems.

Benefits of Emergency Support

Benefits of Emergency Support Our repair service will keep systems up and running, even in the middle of the night.24/7 supportYou can always reach DECO Contracting – round-the-clock access translates into uninterrupted service at your facility.Rapid responseRapid...

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Benefits of Energy Optimisation

Benefits of Energy Optimisation Almost every building wastes 10 percent or more of the energy it consumes due to inefficient operations of their HVAC system. Learn about the benefits of energy optimization to manage a more consistent and flexible budget.System...

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Energy Optimisation

Energy Optimisation At DECO Contracting, we provide an optimization process that combines systematic collections of information from the building management system and facilities staff, and, most importantly, we collect energy data from key pieces of equipment. After...

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Emergency Support

Emergency Support We understand the importance of an unexpected crisis, which is why we offer a 24/7 service line for our customers. Ranging from emergency AC repair to a full HVAC meltdown, DECO Contracting technicians are readily available to serve customers at any...

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Emergency 24 hr Support

Emergency 24 hr Support As a facility manager, you need to consider the cost of unexpected downtime and the impact older, inefficient systems have on the bottom line. Running your existing equipment to failure will entail ever-increasing service costs, as well as the...

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Equipment Overhaul

Equipment Overhaul There’s no escaping that all equipment ages over time. But that doesn’t mean that older chillers cannot benefit from mechanical upgrades. We offer a wide variety of modernization, retrofit and upgrade solutions for many equipment types. Variable...

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Benefits of Equipment Overhaul

Benefits of Equipment Overhaul As a building owner or facility manager, you need to consider the cost of unexpected downtime and the impact older, inefficient systems have on the bottom line. Running your existing equipment to failure will entail ever-increasing...

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DECO Standard Service

DECO Standard Service Plan Designed for customers with in-house HVAC staff or those who want OEM factory-certified basic maintenance. It ensures that equipment is inspected regularly, operating properly and all OEM maintenance procedures are adhered to. Get In...

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DECO Premium Service Plan

DECO Premium Service Plan A fully customizable package designed for those who demand the highest equipment reliability and uptime coupled with more fiscal certainty. It provides comprehensive equipment protection with repair or replacement of most failed components in...

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DECO Plus Service Plan

DECO Plus Service Plan Designed for customers seeking to partner with a factory-certified HVAC service company for complete maintenance care and technical support. It provides customized support to each HVAC asset, maximizes equipment life, uptime and performance....

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Service Agreements

Service Agreements At DECO Contracting, we partner with building owners and managers to keep your system running at its best, with customized service agreements designed to meet all your specific equipment and operational needs year-round. We offer a clear approach to...

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