Air Conditioning


Keeping you cool in sticky situations

  • Commercial A/C
  • Industrial A/C


DECO Contracting provides custom-designed Commercial or Industrial systems, rooftop air conditioning systems (packaged or built up), indoor air-conditioning systems, evaporative systems, ventilation, exhaust, kitchen exhaust, positive/negative systems, jet spray systems and commercial large format sweep fans.

Our primary strength is in Commercial Industrial Air Conditioning.

We provide

  • Custom-made ducting
  • Site Measuring, tailored to suit applications
  • Reviewing codes and standards to the requirement
  • Provide alternatives to existing or proposal
  • Review and provide suggestions for possibilities
  • We have the facilities to provide most metal construction

We also supply and install

  • Gas lines
  • Chilled water/heating hot water lines and boilers
  • Domestic hot water, cold water process lines
  • Trade waste

DECO Contracting is known for fostering innovation and ‘best of breed’ products and practices. We have been early adopters and strong advocates of using soft (fabric) ducting. Why? Primarily due to its benefits for our clients. Chief amongst these are lower cost and superior air distribution. Others include:

  • Low air velocities for draught free air distribution
  • Perfect air temperatures are maintained throughout the space and there are NO condensation issues on the duct’s surface
  • Low noise levels due to unique perforation design
  • Aesthetically pleasing appearance due to common duct sizing and no grille projections
  • No grilles or dampers required
  • Negligible transport cost and no on-site lifting required
  • Low weight means no special structural building changes are needed
  • No painting needed as the colour is part of the fabric
  • No corrosion issues – ideal for swimming pools or similar corrosive atmospheres
  • No commissioning required as the system will balance the design pressure drop of the air supply.

Most importantly, installation time can be as much as 80% less than when using conventional ducting. The net result is lower cost with superior air distribution.

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