Benefits of Emergency Support 

Our repair service will keep systems up and running, even in the middle of the night.

Around The Clock Service

24/7 support

You can always reach DECO Contracting – round-the-clock access translates into uninterrupted service at your facility.

Rapid response

Rapid response means faster response and minimal downtime.

Certified HVAC Technicians

certified technician expertise translates to quick and accurate resolution of emergency repairs.


All major brands of water-cooled and air cooled chillers.


Exhaust Ventilation 

Emergency Support

Emergency Support We understand the importance of an unexpected crisis, which is why we offer a 24/7 service line for our customers. Ranging from emergency AC repair to a full HVAC meltdown, DECO Contracting technicians are readily available to serve customers at any...

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Emergency 24 hr Support

Emergency 24 hr Support As a facility manager, you need to consider the cost of unexpected downtime and the impact older, inefficient systems have on the bottom line. Running your existing equipment to failure will entail ever-increasing service costs, as well as the...

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Get In Touch

Service Agreements

View our range of service agreements to suit your ongoing HVAC servicing needs. 

24 hr Support

Get a qualified HVAC mechanic on the tools to fix the problem morning, noon or in the middle of the night. 

Predictive Maintenance

That brings you the luxury to schedule repairs before they become costly and at times when they aren’t inconvenient.

Energy Optimisation

Efficiencies are just the beginning. 

Equipment Overhaul

With planned capital replacement, you can focus on energy efficiency and cost savings opportunities, and gain peace of mind in the process.

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